Cloud9 Online is a Hartford, Connecticut based digital health and wellness company that combines Science-Powered, Clinically Designed Meditation Therapy with cutting-edge technology.


Our Product

Guided by the belief that the human mind is our most powerful tool to combat disease, we develop white labelled apps that combine machine learning with doctor-prescribed, disease-state specific meditations that enhance medical protocols for better patient outcomes.

Our meditations are written with clinical expertise, then paired with special musical tones that activate specific parts of the body, enabling deep healing. Filed in 2015, our patent-pending describes how our product will incorporate meditation, biometrics and machine learning for a personalized meditation experience. 

Sample our Meditations→


Our Charter


Distributed to patients through hospitals and insurance companies, we design digital products that will change the healthcare paradigm by
1) improving patient compliance, 2) enhancing quality of life, 3) reducing pain, and 4) reducing dependency on opioids. This effectively strengthens patient-doctor engagement which in turn improves overall patient satisfaction creating a win-win-win. 


Our Research

Now a portfolio company of Connecticut Innovations, Cloud9 Online is excited to partner with Hartford HealthCare on a first of its kind doctor-recommended medical grade app for patients to use to alleviate pain and improve quality of life. With a clinical pilot underway, our Phase 2 clinical trials will begin in 2020.


The Next Chapter of Chronic Pain

With nearly half of all adults in the US suffer from chronic pain, and the Joint Commission calling for drug-free solutions to address it, we are proud to team up with fellow trailblazers in the medical tech & innovation space to reimagine pain management.


DOLLARS RAISED We are seeking additional seed round investment


USERS “ON MEDITATION” Our current prototype app continuously improves while achieving organic growth


PATIENTS IN PRE-CLINICAL TRIALS We proudly partner with Hartford Healthcare as we test our “medical grade” app with patients in treatment for chronic pain


Physician Endorsed

“A stronger partnership between physicians and their patients will enhance the approach to pain management. Having this medical-grade meditation app accessible to our patients will strengthen this partnership.

Dr. Eric Secor, Chief of Integrative Medicine at Hartford Healthcare